About Grant Bennett Associates

In 1960 a young man wanted to establish a different kind of CPA firm. Grant Bennett believed in the core principles of be active in your community and be active in your profession. If he was still with us he would be 84 years old this year. Starting a CPA firm at the ripe old age of 29 took a lot of courage on Grant’s part. He was a visionary, but could he have imagined what Grant Bennett Associates has developed into today.

Following Grant’s principles, we are a caring, client oriented firm. Our approach to accounting, auditing, and tax services is built on this. We concentrate on creating and maintaining a close and constructive relationship with our clients always. We promise to be responsive to the needs of our clients throughout the year. Our Mission Statement reads as follows; “… to provide outstanding client service that transcends the usual CPA-Client relationship in order to help our clients achieve their goals and objectives.”

In order to better serve our clients, Grant Bennett Associates is a member of the Alliott Group. Through our alliance of professional firms with proven business expertise and first hand knowledge of the country or region in which they are operating on a daily basis, clients have instant access to practical information and strategic advice on a myriad of issues. And, they are issues that our teams of worldwide professionals are used to dealing with regularly as part of their overall business practice.

Grant would be proud of what he started and of what we’ve become. By continuing to adhere to his guiding principles and following our core values of Integrity, Team Work and Excellence, we believe that Grant Bennett Associates is poised for another 55 years of contributing to our community and our profession.


All posts are informational and not intended to be any type of guarantee of work to be performed by the CPA firm.