Grant Bennett's Wallet Found 30+ Years Later

In 1960 there was a young man who believed in the core principle of being active in your community and your profession. This young man at the age of 29 started a different kind of CPA firm where the mission was to provide outstanding client service that transcends the usual CPA firm. In 2020 Grant Bennett Associates will be turning 60 and if Grant was still with us today he would be 89. That is why it was quite exciting when a piece of his history came to life just last month. A store owner in Sacramento called our company to inform us that they had found a wallet during their demolition of the building that appeared to belong to Grant Bennett. As expected, we were all shocked and came up with numerous of stories of how his wallet ended up in a store that was going to be demolished in such an odd spot and why it was found 30+ years later. Could someone have had it all these years and tossed it in a random store after getting what they wanted? Could it be some paranormal activity that is beyond our reach of understanding? Well, it turns out Grant used to walk around during lunch with his coworkers and it is said that building used to be a sandwich shop. It appears that it may have slipped through a crack many years ago while Grant was strolling around and maybe just eating lunch. The wallet had no cash in it, as he never carried around cash with him in his wallet and the odd thing was it was in nearly perfect condition. Before any smart phones, Grant’s wallet was used as his personal receipt, credit and business card holder. The wallet has now been given back to his family for them to cherish. It seems like Grant, after all these years, is still trying to make sure we remember his fun and boundless spirit.




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