Community Service: Sacramento Children's Home

On October 28, 2016, Grant Bennett Associates had the opportunity to go out and serve in the community. 

This year we were able to help spruce-up the Sacramento Children's Home, Cowell Center by adding a fresh coat of paint to its walls. 

In the end, we realized that we weren't very good painters, but we were honored to spend a few hours as a team and help out Sacramento Children's Home. 

They are such a wonderful organization that helps out so many children in the Sacramento Region. 

If you haven't heard of them here is a quick profile.
"Our Mission: Opening Doors to the Future by Maximizing the Potential of Children and Families Since 1867, the Sacramento Children’s Home has been dedicated to caring for our community’s most vulnerable children and families.
We offer a comprehensive spectrum of prevention, early intervention and treatment programs to strengthen families and stop the generational cycle of child abuse and neglect. From educating parents of infants and toddlers to teaching independent living skills to young adults, we are able to help the widest range of clients and address the widest range of needs of any child and family service organization in the county.
Our mission could not be accomplished without the help of our generous donors and volunteers, as well as our dedicated leadership and auxiliary groups. Together, we are able to make a make a significant difference in the lives of 6,200 children and 4,600 families a year."

Here are some more photos of us hard at work. 




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