2016 CLTA Client Awards

During the final dinner held at the 2016 CLTA convention this year we were very happy to see three of our wonderful clients receive awards and recognition. 

1. David Windle of Cal-Sierra Title Company received the Presidential Award. 

Here are the words spoken by the current CLTA President, Ed Lorette,

"This Presidential Award recipient is no stranger to the title industry, CLTA, the Forms and Practices Committee, or the Board of Governors. David has served on the CLTA Board for over 9 years and has been in the title insurance and settlement services industry for over 43 years.
As the CLTA President in 2013-14, he helped the CLTA to negotiate the UTC licensing bill, AB 704, during his Presidency and beyond. He is also active on the CLTA Forms and Practices Committee, and serves as a small company representative on the and ALTA CFPB task force.
David Windle’s dedication to the title industry and CLTA is ongoing. David continues to assist CLTA and members in our transition to getting bonds prior to AB 704 taking effect. With his no-nonsense approach to the title business and experience as a small company owner involved in virtually every aspect of the business, David continues to provide invaluable assistance to the CLTA Board and staff."

David Windle, Cal-Sierra Title Company
2. Ladonna Joyner, Bidwell Title and Escrow Company received the Honorary Member Award.

Here are the words spoken by the current CLTA President, Ed Lorette, 

"CLTA has a tradition of giving an “Honorary Member” award to those with a lifetime commitment to both CLTA and the title industry itself. One of this year's Honorary Membership Awards goes to a person who served the CLTA and title industry for many, many years.
This year's recipient is former CLTA Board member, LaDonna Joyner, who is retiring this year. LaDonna is the CEO of Bidwell Title and Escrow Company where she has worked for over 30 years. 
In 1986 LaDonna started at Bidwell Title & Escrow as a receptionist and quickly moved to escrow assistant then eventually to escrow officer with a strong and loyal following. Like many others from her generation, starting at the bottom gave her invaluable experience.
In 1996, the county manager and large number of employees moved to a competitor and the Bidwell Board of Directors put LaDonna temporarily in the position of County Manager. After four short months, LaDonna was given the position permanently.
In 2001, LaDonna, Greg and her son Trevor negotiated to purchase the company allowing them the opportunity to create other related businesses.
LaDonna served on the CLTA Board of Governors from 2006 to 2015 and also served on the Executive Committee during part of that time. She was actively involved as representative from a smaller title company in helping to convince former Insurance Commissioner Poizner to repeal the onerous 240 pages of regulations created by his predecessor, Commissioner Garamendi in his last days of office. For those efforts, we are especially grateful."

Ladonna Joyner, Bidwell Title & Escrow Company
3. Last but not least, Wayne Shupe from Old Republic Title Insurance Company also received the Honorary Member Award.

Here are the words spoken by the current CLTA President, Ed Lorette, 

"Wayne Shupe went to work for Transamerica Title in Tucson, Arizona. After only three months of on-the-job training, Wayne was promoted to escrow officer. Like many who have started at the bottom in this industry, this experience became invaluable to him once he began his climb through the ranks of management positions.
From 1981 to 1985, Wayne worked for Stewart Title in Houston. At the age of 27, he became the youngest Vice President in the Stewart organization and was named Chairman of Stewart's national automation effort. In 1985, he went to Denver to work as the Operations Manager for Stewart Title. In 1987, he moved to California to manage the operations Stewart operations out of San Jose.
In 1995, he went to work for the Western Title Group of Old Republic as the Corporate Development Manager. In 1998, he was promoted to Regional Manager of Santa Clara County, Arizona and Nevada. In 2000, Wayne was promoted to COO of the Western Title Group of ORTC and promoted to President of the Western Title Group and all of its subsidiaries in 2004.
Wayne has been a member of CLTA’s Board of Governors since 2003. He served as CLTA’s President from 2012-2013 after having served as Treasurer, 2nd Vice President, and 1st Vice President.
Up until his retirement, Wayne has been in the title industry for an impressive 37 years, and been involved in CLTA for at least 16 years in various capacities."

Wayne Shupe, Old Republic Title Insurance Company
 Grant Bennett Associates is grateful to have the opportunity to serve these three amazing companies and wishes them all a big congratulations! 




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