Grant Bennett Associates United Way Community Service

Grant Bennett Associates getting ready for their community service for United Way. 

GBA Work crew taking a breather after working hard. From left to right. Cheryl, Carol, Mike, Sarah, Hirvin, Jennifer, Shelley and Evan.

Bryan Wagner cleaning up debris in the courtyard of the rec center before power washing.

Dave Wilson prepping the courtyard for power washing.
Evan Benterou cleaning years of dust off the vents and ducts.

Hirvin Gonzalez cleaning the spiderwebs off the windows.

Hirvin washing off all the tables and chairs before scrubbing.

Mike Marucheau, Shelley Green and Sarah Stevens working hard in the heat scrubbing down chairs.

Hirvin mopping up his mess he made. haha.

Bryan helping unwind the power washing cable for Dave.




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