Writing a Business Plan

You've decided to start a business, that's great! You are an expert in your industry and no doubt you've done your research for the business aspect.

Have you thought about writing your business plan? The business plan will be your roadmap to success. In creating a business plan, the thinking and strategizing part is just as important as the plan itself.

There are several different components to the business plan that will help you explore the various facets you will face as a business owner.

While writing your business plan, keep the competition in mind. This will help you to determine your target market, location, what sets you aside and elevates you from your competition, and any barriers you may face. Be sure to include an executive summary, which will be the snapshot of your business, and make sure you've spent plenty of time doing your research for your market analysis.

The U.S. Small Business Administration has the tools you'll need to write your business plan, as well as help you with many other topics included in starting your own business.




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